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HOA Update from the Association Manager
Posted on Feb 26th, 2022

Greetings Highland House Owners – 
I am writing to provide you with an update on a few items at Highland House. 
As many of you are aware, the HOA embarked on a roof replacement project last summer. The entire asphalt shingle roof on the main part of the building was replaced with synthetic slate. Unfortunately, due to some project delays and impending weather, the roofing contractor was not able to accomplish replacement of the metal roof over the Junction. The contractor also uncovered structural issues with the roof trusses on the main roof. The project will resume as soon as weather permits following the closure of ski season. The goal is to accomplish as much of the remaining project before the resort reopens for summer season so that there is little impact to resort operations, and limited construction safety fencing. 
This past week, the Village HOA Presidents met with CityNet to discuss an upgrade to the internet service in all village condominium buildings. This upgrade will involve installing mesh networks in each building and new radio equipment in each condo unit. There will no longer be individual networks for each unit and owners and guests will be able to have continuous Wi-Fi connection throughout the building. Snowshoe’s public Wi-Fi signal will still be available in other common areas of the resort. For owners concerned with Wi-Fi security, there is still the ability to install private routers in your condo. This upgrade will come at no cost to the ownership or increase in service fees, however CityNet will likely require an extended contract commitment. The estimated implementation of this upgrade is planned to occur during the 6-week resort closure period before the start of ski season 2022.
Lastly, I regret to inform you that the hot tub is still out of order. Snowshoe maintenance is reporting that despite replacing the circuit breaker, it now appears that there is a short in the electrical disconnect housing. Parts have been ordered and the repair is anticipated to occur during the beginning of next week (2-28 – 3/4). 
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at any time. 
Meredith McNeely, Association Manager
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